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We ship almost anywhere

Jarrimber provides first class delivery of your valuable product to ensure your new Solid Hardwood Furniture arrives in a safe, secure and timely manner. Our deliveries are facilitated by a nationwide network of reputable courier companies. We deliver to most locations around Australia.

Prior to delivery, your furniture is generously wrapped in foam and plastic with added protection for table tops, corners and legs to ensure your purchase is protected during its journey to your doorstep. In addition, the entire product is draped, covered and secured with protective material preventing marks, scratches and liquid damage.

International Orders

If you are purchasing from a place outside of Australia, we are more than happy to accommodate your shipping needs and will give you a customised price for delivery to your location. We understand Jarrah and marri Timber is much sought after and would not limit the chance to have our products in homes & businesses outside Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please feel free to ask us anything you are unsure of
Special Orders

Q. I want a specific item made, is this possibe and do you come custom measure and fit?
A. Yes. We are available to come and measure up at you place or premises, making the item fit perfectly into your desired location.

Delivery and Lead Times

Q. Do you deliver to my area & how long does it normally take from when I place my order until I receive it?
A. We delivery to almost anywhere both locally, interstate and over seas. It depends on where you are as to how long it will take.
A. With regards to lead times, it depends on current orders in the system and how much work is involved in your piece(s) of furniture. We will give you an estimate at the time of ordering.


Q. What is the difference between the recycled and new Jarrah timber that you use?
A. Recycled Jarrah is that supplied or collected from old buildings that have undergone restorations. It will have more feature, but also will have a more rustic appeal and will show nail holes etc from previous use which is all beautifully restored.
A. A. New Jarrah products are made from more recently grown trees and have a fantastic finish and appeal to them.

Q. Are all the colours the same for the particular species that you use?
A. No. All timber will vary from one to the other. We try to match as best as physically possible for each piece of furniture, but there may be some variation but this adds to the character of the finished product.

Viewing Products

Q. I really want to purchase a piece of your furniture, but with you being an online store only and me not being able to physically see the product I’m a bit hesident… Is there any chance I can see your product anywhere?
A. Yes. You can physically see some of the product we have made to see the quality of finish and get a better appreciation before purchasing. We tee up a meeting that suits both parties via phone or email.

Make an Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry – it is very important to us. Your email will be read by the owner of Jarrimber, and a reply will be sent to you asap.

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