Jarrimber’s Beautiful Range of Jarrah & Marri Coffee Tables

Jarrimber has an extensive collection of Jarrah and Marri coffee tables. Our finely crafted coffee tables produced in Perth are a focal point for any living room. A Jarrah or Marri coffee table made beautifully by Jarrimber can really add to a room; it can be a centre piece. Please check out our samples of the Jarrah and Marri coffee tables below and see if there is anything that takes your eye. At Jarrimber, we love working with Jarrah and Marri wood and we believe that it makes exceptional and stand-out furniture for the home, a coffee table is just one option with this type of wood.

Customised Jarrah & Marri Coffee Tables

Don’t forget we can produce any coffee table design you wish, so don’t be limited by the designs here. Be assured that we can provide you with a customised coffee table that meets your needs specifically. Jarrimber is experienced in working with Jarrah and Marri furniture and we believe that our range of Jarrah and Marri coffee tables in Perth are the best you will find. Jarrah and Marri are wonderful woods and they make beautiful coffee tables.

Call Jarrimber today to discuss the alternative options in terms of coffee table designs you may have in mind. We love Jarrah and Marri coffee table designs and can work with you to create something amazing.