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    Tasmanian blackwood is a member of the wattle family, with light to medium rich brown to reddish tones. Tasmanian blackwood is prized for its appearance which includes many different figures or characters in the timber grain. Tasmanian blackwood timber furniture can exhibit beautiful contrasting streaks of colour. This is due to different colours throughout the growth rings of the tree, which appear as bands of colour on the cut boards. The timber has a predominately straight grain but can be wavy or interlocked which adds to the beauty of Tasmanian blackwood furniture. The blackwood timber can also exhibit a “quilted” pattern. This look is highly sought after in Tasmanian blackwood furniture making and appears as ripples in the grain. These unique and beautiful features make it valued not only in furniture making but also in the manufacture of musical instruments including guitars and violins. While exhibiting some features, it remains a very clean timber, which means there is little fault in the grain making it perfect for furniture making.

    An interesting fact about Tasmanian blackwood

    Tasmanian blackwood trees have analgesic properties. Indigenous Australians have been known to use the soaked bark of Tasmanian blackwood trees to ease painful joints or injuries. They also found that Tasmanian blackwood twigs and bark could be used to stun fish making them easy to catch.

    Why you will love Tasmanian blackwood furniture in your home.

    Simply put, Tasmanian blackwood timber furniture is valued for its beauty, feature and overall appearance. This combined with its durability as a hardwood makes it an outstanding timber choice. With beautiful flowing soft features and rich brown tones which work well with either warm or cool furnishings, a stunning piece of Jarrimber Tasmanian blackwood furniture will quietly steal the show in any setting.

    Jarrimber collection of Tasmanian blackwood furniture

    We have a large and growing collection of Tasmanian blackwood furniture including but not limited to the following types.

    Tasmanian blackwood furniture customised to your style

    All standard styles of Tasmanian blackwood furniture available on our website can be customised and modified to suit your requirements. Jarrimber specialises in custom-made furniture. If you need a larger, or smaller design to fit your space, a cleaner more modern style or a rustic style with a thicker or natural edge, please contact us and we can redesign your chosen piece to get the look you want. If you can’t see the perfect piece of Tasmanian blackwood furniture on our website, then let us know and we can make a new design that includes all your requirements. Contact us to ask us how. We are custom furniture specialists!

    Contact us for Tasmanian blackwood furniture

    We are here to help you choose your beautiful fine hardwood furniture for your home or office with the best possible service and advice. Please get in contact with us by standard enquiry or a request for a custom piece of fine Tasmanian blackwood furniture.

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