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    Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

    Visit our showroom
    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    Tasmanian Oak Furniture is the perfect wood type for those who adore the look of a light, honey-golden shade of timber, but still want to keep the longevity of a hardwood. The Tasmanian Oak has a very uniform grain structure, meaning that the overall finish of your final piece of furniture will be sleek and simplistic. This is the perfect Tasmanian Oak wood for a modern minimalist, who wants to make any room feel more open and airy. The gorgeous tones of the Tasmanian Oak Timber range from subtle hues of pale blonde, all the way through to a creamy brown. Due to the light colour, it can transform any room and make it look brighter and roomier.

    Tasmanian Oak Furniture is Not Actually a Species of Tree!

    You may be slightly fooled by the name but the Tasmanian Oak Timber variety is actually a category of Australian hardwood that encompasses three related species of eucalyptus trees. These include Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash), Eucalyptus oblique (Messmate/Stringbark) and Eucalyptus delegatensis (Alpine Ash/Wollybutt). If you have ever heard of Victorian Ash trees, you might actually be familiar with Tasmanian Oak Furniture. Victorian Ash is the name given to the three species of eucalyptus trees that originate from Victoria.

    Tasmanian Oak Timber is the Perfect Wood for all of Your Furniture Needs.

    It is estimated that up to 70% of timber furniture in Australia is made out of Tasmanian Oak Timber or Victorian Ash. Since the timber is so durable and stunning it is not at all surprising that people would want it in every nook of their house. Here at Jarrimber, we can transform your house into a lovely, modern dream by using Tasmanian Oak Timber for all of your furniture needs. From a centrepiece dining table and matching chairs, all the way through to your Custom Timber Furniture. Make your space look roomier, without having to compromise on size and quality. Tasmanian Oak Timber is light enough to brighten your space and make you feel right at home.

    Colour Matching to Perfection

    Do you have a piece of furniture, like a favourite coffee table or a round table that you adore but is a strange tone of wood? It can be such a pain trying to figure out where to look for those exact tones of reddish hues or dark brown tints. With Tasmanian Oak Timber, that issue resolves itself. Due to its even, uniform grain, the wood is renowned for its incredible staining properties. The timber is known to respond well when stained making it the perfect addition to your favourite furniture pieces that are just a tad too hard to match.

    What Furniture Can Be Made Using Tasmanian Oak Timber?

    At Jarrimber we are constantly updating our product pages and designs, so we recommend checking in on our website often to see what's new, or giving us a call to see how we can best assist your needs! Our current collection is vast and varied and 100% customisable. At the moment we have the following pieces available:

    Australian Made and Sustainable Tasmanian Oak Timber Furniture

    At Jarrimber we are committed to making our environmental impact as small as possible. We use 100% Australian-grown wood which is all logged sustainably. Since we source all of our wood right here in Australia your furniture is not only going to be a stunning centrepiece of any room, but it is also making a huge difference. Your Tasmanian oak table or dining chair can be your pride and joy in more than one way!

    Your New Tasmanian Oak Furniture is Waiting for You

    If we have not 100% convinced you to take the next step to purchase your very own heirloom piece, why not visit our showroom and have a chat with one of our friendly team members? Our showroom is located on the stunning west coast of Australia in Osborne Park. There you can peruse our small collection of bespoke, ready-to-go furniture pieces or simply get an idea of your next self-designed masterpiece. Make sure to say hi to our crew of craftsmen! They are ready to answer any of your questions, we are sure that once you pop in, you won't want to leave without starting that project you have had in the back of your mind for the past few years! If you are not in the West Australian area, why not send us an email? That way we can have your vision of the perfect Tasmanian Oak furniture piece started!

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