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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    We are still open for business! Our staff are all healthy, our showroom is still open & spacious for private appointments or walk-ins and all current orders are on track. We are practicing proper hygiene & social distancing to minimise any risk to our staff or customers as our first priority. Thank you for supporting our local business.
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    Learn more about Tasmanian Oak Furniture

    Something you may not know about Tasmanian oak furniture

    Tasmanian oak not actually a species of tree, it is a category of Australian hardwood which is produced from the timber of three very closely related spices of eucalypt trees. These include Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash), Eucalyptus obliqua (Messmate/Stringbark) and Eucalyptus delegatensis (Alpine Ash/Wollybutt). The three species are individually recognised by their common names and when sourced from Victoria the two species Eucalyptus regnans and delegatensis and marketed as Victoria Ash. Furniture manufactured from timber under either marketing name – Tasmanian oak furniture or Victoria Ash furniture is effectively the same in appearance, durability and character.

    Interesting Fact!

    Eucalyptus regnans holds the imposing record of the tallest flowering plant in the world, growing to a staggering 100m tall! Other Tasmanian oak species grow to an impressive average of 70-80m tall with mature trees reaching 3-4m in diameter. These magnificent trees are the undisputed giants of the Australian alpine and can live for 400 years or more!

    Why Tasmanian oak furniture is right for your home

    All species of eucalypt used in Tasmanian oak timber furniture exhibit a straight, open and very uniform grain structure. Colouring is generally pale blonde, ranging in shade from straw to light reddish brown with subtle hues of cream, peach and pink. Tasmanian oak furniture is the perfect timber choice for modern minimalistic decorating, where the uniform grain and pale tones embody a tasteful simplicity. Of course, with consideration of just a few key factors, this beautiful hardwood will lift just about any space you have in mind. Tasmanian oak furniture is light on feature and tone which makes it a subtler timber choice. This is a perfect for small rooms where a light, bright furniture choice will create a more spacious feel. It is also a great choice where existing furnishings or floors are dark. The lighter tones and minimal feature of Tasmanian oak timber furniture creates a beautiful contrast which will offset and lift an existing darker colour pallet.

    Tasmanian Oak is both beautiful and versatile.

    It is estimated that up to 70% timber furniture in Australia is Tasmanian oak furniture or Victoria Ash furniture. This is not surprising when considering the versatility of this beautiful blonde hardwood. Tasmanian oak is renowned for its excellent staining properties, not only does the timber respond exceptionally well to staining, but the light tone and uniform grain allow it to be easily matched to achieve the desired colour. This allows the colour of your Tasmanian oak timber furniture to be easily matched to existing furniture of different timber age and finish, as well as colour swatches or a desired tone.

    Tasmanian Oak furniture designs by Jarrimber

    We are constantly updating our website to include new products and designs, so check back often to see what is new. Our collection is vast and includes but is not limited to the following Tasmanian oak timber furniture types:

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    Do you need more personalised advice before adding some Tasmanian Oak furniture to your existing look? Would you like your new Tasmanian Oak furniture to be stained to match to an existing furniture piece? Please contact us to get the look you want. Email us by either standard enquiry or as are quest for a custom piece of fine Tasmanian Oak Furniture.

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