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    Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

    Visit our showroom
    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    About our Jarrah Furniture

    We manufacture a wide variety of Jarrah furniture, all handcrafted and all of which can be custom-made to suit your requirements if required. From Jarrah dining tables to share your family meals on, stunning Jarrah TV units where you watch your favourite TV shows or to Jarrah beds where you rest your weary heads at night. Jarrimber’s huge selection of Jarrah furniture will give everyone a chance to own a piece of finely crafted furniture that lasts you a lifetime. Custom options allow us to make your furniture for small or large spaces, built-in alcove type arrangements and everything in between that suits your specific needs.

    The beauty of Jarrah timber Furniture

    The nature of Jarrah timber is that it is known for its hardness and its distinctive rich reddish to brown colouring. Because it is so hard, machining this timber is extremely harsh on our tooling but it makes for extremely good furniture once it is completely due to this hardness and its durability. The grain in the jarrah timber is very attractive and the timber itself is very clean which again makes for stunning furniture.

    Furniture to your style

    Jarrimber has on our website several different styles of furniture as standard. We can either replicate these for you, customise them in terms of sizing or arrangement, or we can completely build you a new style of furniture to your tastes. Contact us to ask us how we are the furniture specialists!

    How to care for your Jarrah Furniture products

    We often get asked after we deliver our client's furniture “How should we look after this, what products can we use etc.” The simple answer is:
    • Grab a clean cloth, lightly dampen it with water and wipe over the furniture. Then with a second clean, dry cloth…wipe off any excess water that may still be there.
    • We use either epoxy or polyurethane clear lacquer, which will protect your timber furniture from everyday use, but we recommend that you wipe off any excess liquids with a clean cloth.
    • We do not recommend that you use any ‘Silicone-based cleaning products as this will break down the lacquer over time and inhibit the lacquer from protecting the jarrah timber.

    Contact Us For Jarrah Furniture

    We are here to help you get some beautiful fine hardwood furniture for your home or office and we are always willing to give you the best possible service and advice to help you achieve this. Please get in contact with us be it a standard enquiry or a request for a custom piece of fine Jarrah Furniture.
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