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    Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

    Visit our showroom
    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    We are still open for business! Our staff are all healthy, our showroom is still open & spacious for private appointments or walk-ins and all current orders are on track. We are practicing proper hygiene & social distancing to minimise any risk to our staff or customers as our first priority. Thank you for supporting our local business.
    Sincerely, Todd Smith - Owner


    Learn more about Timber Beds

    We spend roughly one-third of our lives in bed. If you lived until you were 100, you could expect to have spent almost 30,000 hours in bed. With that in mind, why not get a bed that you really love? A custom hardwood timber bed frame is an excellent choice if you want some style and elegance in your bedroom. Here are four reasons why a timber bed frame is a better choice for your home.

    1. A Genuine Choice

    When you choose a custom timber bed frame, you’re getting a genuine choice in the bed that you want and need. There are many different styles to choose from; you could go modern, traditional, or perhaps a mix of the two to create something a bit different. Then there are other factors that will influence the design, such as grain, colour, and finish. The next decision is, are you going to use hardwood or softwood? A softwood bed will have a stain to show off the natural grain, or a solid colour could be applied for a more modern finish. A hardwood bed frame will give you a rich natural appearance that can be carefully matched with other items of furniture in your bedroom.

    2. A Stronger Bed Frame

    A hardwood timber bed frame will be far stronger than cheaper alternatives. The strength and durability of wood and the custom nature of the construction will produce a bed frame that’s designed to last. If you get a bed that uses mortise and tenon joints the critical weakest points where the side rails connect to the legs will be exceptionally strong instead.

    3. A Practical Solutions

    When your custom timber bed frame is delivered, it will arrive packed flat so that you can easily move it to the bedroom. This is especially useful if the room is located in a loft or other hard to reach bed platform location. This is equally true when you move home, simply follow the instruction in reverse, keep the fixing safe, and pack the bed parts in bubble wrap to protect the finish from dents and scratches. Hardwood slatted bed frames are also healthier. The slatted base promotes airflow and ventilation underneath your mattress which is more hygienic for sleeping.

    4. Easy Maintenance

    As a natural product, hardwood bed frames require very little in the way of upkeep and maintenance. Timber is easy to clean, a lacquer and protective finish will be applied to seal the wood. This will allow the surface to take the odd scrape or knock without too much trouble. If damage occurs, it can easily be repaired if you choose a solid hardwood timber frame rather than a cheaper veneer alternative.

    Trust Jarrimber With Your Sleep Patterns

    At the end of the day, getting the right amount of sleep is important for your health and wellbeing. At Jarrimber, we prioritise your health, design and overall vision. Just leave the building to us. Add some personality to your bedroom and order your custom bed frame today.
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