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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    Timber Buffet Tables from Jarrimber

    Looking for a buffet table that perfectly complements your home's style while also offering ample storage, and fantastic functional buffet space? Well, you're in the right place. Here at Jarrimber, we offer bespoke, Australian timber furniture pieces that look incredible and function perfectly. Our sideboard buffet tables are built to last a lifetime, and make your dining, living or entertainment room just that little bit more comfortable.

    The Highest Quality Workmanship for Timber Buffet Tables

    Over nearly two decades, we've built a reputation for offering Australian-made furniture of the highest quality and standards of workmanship. Everything we make for our customers is something we'd be proud to have in our own homes, because that's where Jarrimber started—a salvaged pile of jarrah turned into a feature piece for our own home, that's still in pride of place today. It's this passion that gets us so excited to transform raw, natural materials into incredible pieces for your home. At Jarrimber, our quality is unmatched. We coat our Jarrah, Marri, Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood furniture pieces in premium lacquer finishes for protection, and to keep them looking stunning. From carefully selecting the right timber to joinery workmanship that's precise and tight, our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Your furniture is an investment, and we intend for it to be one you're proud of, that sparks conversation and admiration of all your visitors, and lasts for a lifetime.

    Custom Timber Buffet Tables for every Home

    Whether you need 4 doors or a 3 door buffet, adjustable door hinges or simply ample space to lay out food and refreshments, a custom timber buffet table can give you everything you want with nothing you don't need. We're proud to offer a custom furniture service that's second to none; we'll happily take on the challenge of designing a bespoke piece of furniture from nothing more than a picture and some ideal measurements, or even just the measurements. At the end of the design process, we provide you with a 3D model rendering of the furniture piece in true-scale. Meaning you can get a sense of the piece and how it will look and feel in your home, before you commit to having it made.

    Get in touch today.

    When you're ready for a timber buffet table that truly does your home justice, get in touch with us today. We can't wait to hear your ideas, and create you a piece that we're sure you'll absolutely love.

    FAQs Related To Timber Buffet Table

    Which wood is used at Jarrimber to create timber buffet in Australia?

    Here at Jarrimber, we use quality Australian hardwoods for all of our timber furniture pieces. We use Jarrah, Marri, Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood because they're stunning, sustainable and durable. Your timber furniture should be built to last, and from quality materials, to ensure that it remains looking fantastic for many many years to come.

    What is a good height for a buffet?

    A great buffet table should be a comfortable height from which to serve food. Traditionally, they'd be higher than your dining table and approximately the same height as a kitchen bench. Consider what height you're comfortable working at when preparing meals, and your buffet should be similar. At Jarrimber, we can offer you a bespoke buffet table in whatever height you require for your home, and your needs.

    Can a buffet be used for TV?

    A buffet table can of course be used for a TV, especially the ones we offer as they're built to be quality, from premium materials. However it's important to keep in mind that a buffet table is generally significantly taller than a timber tv unit, and your lounge room would be better served by a bespoke, fit-for-purpose TV unit upon which to place your TV.

    Can the timber buffet be customised if ordered with Jarrimber?

    Custom furniture is our passion. While we do have a small number of ready-to-go furniture pieces in our Perth, WA showroom, the majority of what we offer is made to order, custom furniture. This of course means your timber buffet can be customised to your requirements—or created completely custom to realise your vision.

    What is the difference between a buffet and sideboard?

    In essence, a buffet table and a buffet sideboard are the same thing. Complementary bench space from which to serve food or refreshments. Perfect for wine and glasses, dips and charcuterie boards, at Jarrimber we can craft a custom buffet side table that perfectly matches your home's design.
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