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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Veneer vs solid timber?

    Timber Veneer is real timber that is sliced very thinly and is then pressed onto MDF or particle board substrate. Veneer has the look and feel of Solid timber without the cost. The main advantage of Timber Veneer is that it has the warmth and feel of real timber but without the price-tag of Solid timber. Timber veneer is also available in a wide range of different species and grain directions. Timber veneer can also be stained to match existing furniture or fixtures. Veneer is also more flexible than solid timber for architectural curves and can be bent and moulded easily. If cared for and not exposed to moisture, Timber veneer will last for many years. The disadvantage of veneer is that it is susceptible to damage. When veneer is exposed to liquid, it gets through fibres in the veneer causing swelling and water. It can also be easily dented and scratched and should not be used in heavy commercial traffic areas.

    The advantage of Solid timber is its longevity and is often referred to as a “lifetime” product. Not only is it a strong and durable product in general, but it can also be easily refurbished for a fraction of the cost of replacement. If the surface of the timber is damaged or stained it can be machined, sanded and resurfaced. Solid Timber is also much less likely to swell in general use. The construction of solid Timber products adds to its longevity, with many timber joinery techniques only used in solid timber furniture. The natural appearance and warmth of solid Timber are unmistakable. Timber is natural, unique but can also be stained to match existing furniture. Solid Timber is, however, a more expensive option to Veneer.

    Can you help on a design including materials & size

    Yes. Jarrimber can discuss your requirements, style & intended use of the piece & make a recommendation. We have a team dedicated to our custom-made furniture. A 3D design service is also available free of charge with custom jobs, so you can see your design & modify it until you’re 100% happy. This will be done after accepting formal quotes based on initial designs.

    What is your lead time?

    This varies slightly, but in most instances 6 weeks is usual, with sometimes through the year lead times up to 8 weeks can be experienced, especially leading up to Christmas. Our furniture is all built here in Australia and in most instance, made to order and hence it takes time to build quality furniture such as ours displayed here on this website. We appreciate your patience and we will be sure the wait is worth it when the new furniture is delivered to your door.

    What finish is the best for my piece of furniture?

    There are many options when it comes to finish choice. After years of experience we have settled on a few tried & true finishes that offer great protection, are easy to clean & keep your piece looking its best.

    Single pack Polyurethane: A hard wearing, maintenance free finish in 3 gloss levels – matte, satin & semi gloss or 0%, 25% & 60%. This is the coating done as standard (in 25%) unless you specifically ask for an alternative coating which may or may not add to the cost.

    2 pack Polyurethane: A very hard wearing, maintenance free finish in 3 gloss levels – matte, satin & semi gloss or 0%, 25% & 60%. Particularly good for high impact use like dining tables, benchtops & wet areas like timber vanities. This coating does add to the cost and will be applied in addition to the product cost. Ask us for a price.

    Osmo Hardwax Oil: A natural blend of oils & waxes that offers good protection but requires some maintenance. The benefit is that it can be spot repaired.

    Can you make commercial furniture?

    Yes, Jarrimber makes a great deal of commercial furniture. We work with interior designers, architects, shopfitters & direct customers in the hospitality industry.

    What are your payment terms?

    We ask for a 30% deposit on order confirmation. When it comes time to deliver after your items are manufactured, we will invoice you the day of delivery for the balance if you are local and we are delivering ourselves. If you are rural or interstate, or are coming to pick up the items we will require the balance deposited into the nominated account before the goods can be released.

    Do you deliver Australia wide?

    Yes. We send our furniture to all locations in Australia. Please check out our shipping calculator to determine how much it will cost to send your goods. Combining several items at the same time will reduce your shipping cost as the price will remain the same for 1 piece or 6 pieces etc. if shipped at the same time. If for some reason your location fails to come up in the calculator, please contact us for a quote to get the item(s) shipped to you.

    Do you deliver internationally?

    Yes, please ask us to arrange a quote for you to get the item(s) you your specific location.

    We create custom pieces made to order

    Custom timber Bar furniture

    We have a range of timbers and finishes for you to select from to ensure that your finished product matches your designs to a tee

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