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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    Jarrimber Live-Edge Timber River Tables

    Blending the raw, organic beauty of the natural world with stunning colours and durability, live-edge river tables are an incredible feature for any room. They're a blend of everything special about timber-based interior design, mixing the old with the new, geometric shapes with organic, modern lines with timeless heritage. Our river tables are nature's rich heritage preserved in resin. When you're looking for a furniture piece that is sure to make a statement, spark conversation and be the envy of visitors to your home, look no further than a Jarrimber timber river table. Our epoxy resin tables are made with the highest quality resin, with clean single-pours and deep casting. They're quality, durable pieces made to last a lifetime—and we can't wait for one to be the centrepiece of your room's design. Here at Jarrimber, we create elegant, subtle timber furniture where the timber itself is the centre-piece. Our designs work to highlight the natural beauty, and bring it to your home. Sturdy, durable and reliable, our timber river tables will last lifetimes, they're built from only the highest quality Australian materials.

    Custom Epoxy Resin River Tables

    All of our timber feature pieces are one-offs; no two are ever the same. They can be made to order, or choose from one of our display pieces. Match the timber style to your existing furniture, or choose a colour to set it all off. The resin can be pigmented to any colour you'd like, and is a very hardy finish—largely resistant to scratches and discolouration, and UV stable. Creating pieces that fit perfectly into your home is our passion, and we love being able to add that final touch to a room that really sets off your aesthetic tastes. Our epoxy river tables aren't just a piece of bespoke, distinctive timber furniture—they're something truly special, natural beauty and organic history that fits perfectly into a modern, contemporary style.

    River Tables Where Function Meets Showroom Luxury

    Our custom epoxy resin river tables are finished to the absolute highest standards, and truly are a testament to the skill of our craftsmen. Every piece is incredibly well made and simply oozes elegance. Often mistaken for glass, the finish of the crystal clear resin is highly polished and incredibly smooth. A good epoxy resin table, made with premium materials and function in mind, isn't just an ornament. They're designed to be used, to stand up to the rigours of daily life. From the kitchen to the coffee table to the bespoke dining table, Jarrimber resin tables are a premium product that's designed to fit perfectly into your home.

    Balancing Nature & Modern Materials

    Live edge furniture is often used as a statement piece for a reason. The complex, organic shapes are a stunning complement to every interior design vision, but using them just right can be difficult. With a river table, the beauty of the live edge is on show, but captured within the resin. We use the epoxy to stabilise the edge, but also to enclose it in a shape that's just a little more functional. With one of our hand-crafted, bespoke pieces, you get both the stunning natural features and clean, simple lines to perfectly complement the modern home. Be it a Live-edge dining table, a Live-edge coffee table or even the Live-edge TV cabinet, add a splash of colour and an eye-drawing conversation starter to every room and elevate your home.

    FAQs of Live Edge Timber River Tables

    What resin do you use for river tables?

    At Jarrimber, we use quality two part epoxy resin for our river tables to fill the void and stabilise the material, then finish the piece with a high quality, highly durable lacquer. This combination is the perfect blend of durability, stability and aesthetics. For more on finishes, check out our article on choosing the best finish for your timber table.

    What is the best wood for a river table?

    We can use any of our Australian hardwoods to create a beautiful river table for your home, as all of our timbers can be supplied with raw edges. Our timbers of choice are Jarrah, Marri, Tasmanian Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak. These timbers are not only stunning and sure to look incredible in your home, but sustainably grown and harvested right here in Australia.

    Why should you buy an epoxy resin river table from Jarrimber?

    Not only are we a local, Australian business, but we use Australian materials and support local wherever possible. From ethically sourced and sustainably grown timber, to the best resin and highest quality finishes, everything we do is based around quality and values. When you buy a epoxy resin table from us, you'll receive the most premium product we can offer, from a leading Australian furniture company, at a truly genuine price.
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