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    Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

    Visit our showroom
    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    Terms and Conditions


    All prices quoted do not include cost of delivery. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars and all prices include GST.


    Quotes are valid for 30 days barring errors or omissions.

    Order Confirmation

    Upon placing your order an invoice will be prepared after which a 30% deposit is required. Customers are required to check the description on the invoice carefully, this is your opportunity to cover any verbal communication not outlined on the invoice. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all details are correct on the invoice.  Verbal discussions in showroom, by phone or via email will not be considered unless it is written on the invoice.

    These will be sent to you for approval which is required in writing. Shop drawings may be provided with an order confirmation when necessary and which can be altered until the design is to your liking.  However if many changes are being made which results in considerable extra time being spent on it then additional charges may apply. Alteration requests that require additional labour or materials in production will also result in an additional cost.  Drawings will not be done until a 30% deposit has been paid. Shop drawings are used to indicate the design and will not show construction methods. Jarrimber reserves the right to construct furniture as it deems fit to ensure its sound construction. Additions or amendments must be made in writing and an updated order confirmation approved before production starts. Your order will go into production, as per the invoice or order confirmation. Ensure you read carefully and understand and communicate any concerns you have about your order with the Jarrimber team.

    Timber Selection

    The selection of timber for your order is the first important step in the production process of your order.  The timbers we use to make our furniture by their very nature vary considerably in tone, grain patterns and natural features which is what makes our furniture so unique. We go to considerable lengths to select timbers in accordance with the preferences noted at the time of ordering which are not guaranteed.  We have only a limited amount of timber at any one time to select from so selecting timber can be time consuming and can sometimes be the most difficult part of the production process. Whether the timber fits the description is a judgment made by the production team at Jarrimber, if we feel that what we have available is too far from the description you will be contacted to discuss options. We can never guarantee a certain type of natural feature, colour or overall look in the timber as every tree of course is unique. We do however guarantee that we will make a beautiful piece of furniture that is very much in keeping with our normal standards.  We also reserve the right to refuse to accept an order if the requirements regarding timber selection are too ridged.


    A 30% deposit is required upon placing an order. The final 70% payment must then be made before delivery can be arranged. Payments can be made over the telephone, bank transfer or in store. All orders must be paid for in full before delivery or pickup. Goods remain the property of Jarrimber until final payment has been made.

    Pre-Delivery Inspections

    It is highly recommended that the purchaser comes to the showroom to inspect the item prior to delivery.  If alterations are to be made to the item after delivery which is outside the scope of the initial specs approved, then extra charges will be incurred for the item to be picked up again, altered and re-delivered.


    Due to our storage area being very limited, it is not equipped for long term storage. Delivery must occur within 7 days of the item being manufactured. If the customer is unable to receive delivery within 7 days, the invoice must be paid in full we can then make arrangements. Deliveries are outsourced to professional delivery teams. Interstate we tend to use Pedemonts transport wherever possible. Delivery will only be arranged after the invoice has been paid in full. Delivery costs are based on factors such as: location, access, parking, size and weight of the item. Customers can arrange an alternative delivery service or pick up the furniture themselves by appointment.  Times for delivery and delivery ‘windows’ will be organised prior to the date of delivery and are subject to change. The delivery company will attempt to contact you approximately 30mins prior to arrival.  It is a requirement that someone is present to inspect all furniture upon delivery. Any damages must be notified to the delivery company there and then and to Jarrimber very soon after. We cannot take responsibility for any damage found outside the time period specified above.


    Pickups must be arranged within Jarrimber business hours. Assistance cannot be guaranteed therefore bringing someone to help you is strongly recommended and you must bring all your own packing material. Jarrimber’s furniture does not come wrapped or packaged. Invoices must be paid in full before any item of furniture leaves the Jarrimber premises.

    Difficult Access

    It is the responsibility of the customer to describe access accurately.  Occasionally photos of access are required before a delivery can be quoted. Our furniture is considerably heavy to deliver and Jarrimber is not responsible for deliveries that cannot take place due to access limitations (or inclement weather conditions). Additional fees may apply for returning to the warehouse, storage and re-delivery. Disassembly and reassembly also incurs an extra cost if the item cannot fit through passages ways.

    Purchasing Sale Items and Floor Stock

    All floor stock or sale item furniture must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. Furniture that is purchased from the showroom floor will be sold as is unless other arrangements are made prior to committing.  Floor stock items may have slight damage or markings that have occurred during display. Item inspection is the responsibility of the customer and should be done before committing to the purchase. Refunds will not be given after delivery has taken place or after being held in storage after seven days prior to delivery.

    Dining Chairs

    Chairs made by us will be made in the same timber species as the table they are going with and will be a reasonably close match allowing for normal appearance variability within a species. When ordering table and chairs, considerable effort is made to get close to the colour of the table but there may be small variations and some toning will occur to get this match closer.

    Timber Movement

    We will preface this section by advising any prospective purchaser of our solid timber furniture that small signs of timber movement are not uncommon as the timber acclimatises and adjusts to its new environment especially around any natural features. This is what we consider to be tolerable movement. These signs of movement include but are not limited to fine cracks appearing, feeling a slightly raised glue join, fillers slightly cracking, lifting or shrinking.

    The main thing to keep in mind when considering buying solid timber furniture, is that timber is not an inanimate material like stone, aluminium or glass for example. Solid timber, even though it has been properly sealed, will keep ‘breathing’ moisture in and out according to the conditions that the item is in. Seasonal changes as well as other more internal factors as described further on are likely to affect the environment the item is situated in. As much as possible our furniture is built to allow for this natural slight movement and the timbers used by Jarrimber are dried down to the industry standard which varies between 9% and 14% MC.

    As producers of solid timber furniture, we can never predict where an item of furniture will be situated or the conditions that it will be exposed to. We can only aim for the average conditions for homes in Australia.  Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for or guarantee against timber movement.  We can only provide all the information and the best advice if it does occur so please let us know.

    It is important to be aware that signs of timber movement is not related to the quality of that item or to the level of workmanship that has gone into it. As mentioned earlier, we have no control over what that item is exposed to after it has been delivered and we cannot take responsibility for what happens in that respect.

    Things to Avoid

    Direct sunlight especially in the warmer months, proximity to heaters or fireplaces, air conditioning ducts, and any major fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Please be aware that the transfer of moisture occurs far more readily via end grain such as the ends of a tabletop for example. If one end is exposed to more heat it will lose more moisture than the rest of the top causing that end to crack as it wants to shrink. If you have any concerns regarding your situation, please talk to us about it. Again, we stress, Jarrimber cannot take any responsibility for timber movement in furniture when it is in the customers home.

    Signs of wear

    General signs of wear and tear are to be expected and are not covered by warranty. We have different finishes available for different types of uses which can be discussed with our sales team.

    We create custom pieces made to order

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