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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    Jarrimber Timber Coffee Tables

    Coffee tables—the essential centrepiece of the Australian home. From sharing a coffee, to watching TV with family, a quick snack or a quiet drink after a long day, the coffee table is where so much of our daily moments happen. For one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home, choose wisely, because it really can transform your living room into your favourite space. Here at Jarrimber, we craft hand-made timber coffee tables for Australian homes, from Australian timber, right here in Australia. Browse our extensive range of thoughtfully pre-designed tables, or contact us for something totally custom. Every piece that leaves our showroom is subtly unique. Be it particular sizing, timber choice or grain variation. You won't find two pieces of Jarrimber artisan furniture that are exactly alike.

    Timber Coffee Table Styles for Every Home

    Almost every order that comes through Jarrimber is made to order; we keep a limited number of pieces on the showroom floor ready to go, but they fly out the door almost as fast as we can make them. Whether you're after a round coffee table, or a square one, in the contemporary style or something a little more classic, we'd love to be of service. Interior style is our passion, and we're sure one of our coffee tables will be a perfect addition to your home.

    Timber Coffee Tables made from Sustainable Australian Timber

    All of our pieces are made from locally grown and sustainably harvested Australian hardwoods. We don't just use these timbers because they're sustainable, we've carefully chosen a selection of Australian hardwoods that are durable and undeniably stunning. From Jarrah coffee table's deep, earthy tones to the delicate blonde Marri coffee tables, to Tasmanian Blackwood coffee tables and Tasmanian Oak coffee tables. Our timber coffee tables are sure to delight. As a privately owned, boutique furniture company, our focus is 100% on satisfying our customers. We're dedicated to producing pieces that really will set off a room, or blend in seamlessly with your desired interior design style. With decades of collective experience, our team of craftsmen are second to none, and their workmanship is of the highest quality. Jarrimber furniture is for the home owner that wants a home that's contemporary, modern and elegant without compromising on quality.

    FAQs for Timber Coffee Table

    Why should you buy a timber coffee table from Jarrimber table in Australia?

    We've been making beautiful, bespoke coffee tables for customers all over Australia for nearly 20 years. As Australia's leading custom furniture craftsmen, everything we create is of the highest quality. Buying Jarrimber-made not only means Australian-made, but made from Australian materials. 100% local, just like us. Our coffee tables are made to last a lifetime, and be the centrepiece of your living room for years to come.

    What should a timber coffee table’s height be?

    The height of your coffee table should be comfortable to reach when seated on a couch or lounge. Not too high, but not too low. Realistically, this ideal height will vary from person to person and preference to preference, which is why at Jarrimber we offer completely custom heights. We can suggest some standard heights, or deliver exactly what you're looking for.

    Can the coffee table be customised as per our need & design?

    We love to satisfy custom requests. All of our coffee tables can be customised to your specific needs and designs, to better suit your living space. Whether you'd like minor alterations to an existing design, or a completely custom piece, get in touch today.

    Is pine a good wood for a coffee table?

    Generally, softwoods are a poor choice for quality furniture. We don't use pine for any of our timber coffee tables as it's not a durable material. It's also not particularly visually interesting, and dents and scratches very easily. The hardwoods we use, Marri, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood are far better choices.

    What is the best wood to make a coffee table out of?

    Choosing the right timber for your coffee table shouldn't be difficult. Aim to choose timber that's sustainably harvested and locally grown. There's a great range of suppliers that can provide quality Australian hardwoods that fit this criteria, so all that's left is to choose a timber that fits your interior style and aesthetic goals for your home. At Jarrimber, we use Australian grown, harvested and manufactured Jarrah, Marri, Tasmanian Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak. These timbers are not only low environmental impact, but stunning too. Our range of timber coffee tables will last a lifetime, and look fantastic doing so.
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