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    Tasmanian oak is a premium hardwood that is not only dense and resilient but also warm and beautiful. The Tasmanian oak table creates an excellent finish that will compliment any room decor. The wood is light in colour, adding shades of pink, cream and straw to create Tasmanian oak tables that look stunning in any room.

    Tasmanian Oak Tables

    A stunning dining table creates a focal point in any home, but Tasmanian oak tables also provide the durability and strength to cope with everyday use. The beautiful light tones ensure that your new table will look fantastic in your home and complement the design features of your home and other pieces of furniture in the room. Tasmanian oak timber tables add style and sophistication into any home, whether you prefer a traditional look or a more modern aesthetic. Oval, rectangular, square or round Tasmanian oak tables all offer an attractive piece for any home. Like your dining table, a coffee table needs to have strength and durability to cope with both hot and cold drinks. Even if your guests are very diligent about using coasters, drinks can still leave a mark on a table finish, but Tasmanian oak offers more resistance compared to many other materials. A great coffee table should not only compliment your other pieces of furniture but also add interest and character to your living space. Fortunately, we offer a fantastic selection of coffee tables to add practicality and style to your home.

    Other Tasmanian Oak Table Models

    Jarrimber also has a selection of other Tasmanian oak timber tables including lamp tables and hall tables so that you can add a touch of stunning beauty into any area or room of your home. You can warmly welcome visitors to your home with a stunning Tasmanian oak hall table in your entranceway or brighten up a corner with a bold lamp on an oak table. Whether you choose a Tasmanian oak table for additional storage or want to simply showcase the natural beauty of the item with a vase of flowers, your new Tasmanian oak table is sure to wow any guests. Tasmanian oak is a premium hardwood that looks fantastic inside any home, yet has the durability and strength to cope with the demands placed on a dining, hall, or coffee table in a busy family home. This makes a Tasmanian oak table a great investment in your home decor. If you’re interested in a Tasmanian oak table, please explore our collection of Tasmanian oak timber table models or speak to a Jarrimber team member, who would be happy to help you discover the perfect table to suit your home.

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    • Applecross Jarrah Coffee Table

      Applecross Coffee Table

    • Applecross Boardroom Table

      Applecross Table

    • Boyup Brook Edge Jarrah Hall

      Boyup Brook Raw Edge

    • Bremer Bay Round Dining Table

      Bremer Bay Round Dining Table

    • Brookton Coffee Table

      Brookton Coffee Table

    • Capel Oval Tasmanian Oak Dining Table

      Capel Oval Dining Table

    • Claremont Marri Dining Table

      Claremont Dining Table

    • Cooroy Marri Dining Table

      Cooroy Dining Table

    • Jarrah Nest Tables-20

      Cottesloe 20's Nests

    • Marri Nest Tables-30

      Cottesloe 30's Nests

    • Cottesloe Marri Hall

      Cottesloe Hall Table

    • Dampier Hall Table


    • Dampier Marri Coffee Table

      Dampier Coffee Table

    • Dampier Jarrah Dining table

      Dampier Dining Table

    • Denmark Hall Table -M

      Denmark (with Drawer)

    • Denmark Marri Coffee Table

      Denmark Coffee Table

    • Denmark Marri Coffee

      Denmark Coffee Table (with Drawer)

    • Denmark Marri Dining Table

      Denmark Dining Table

    • Denmark Hall L

      Denmark Hall Table

    • Denmark Jarrah Lamp

      Denmark Lamp Table

    • Doonan Blackwood Timber Coffee Table

      Doonan Coffee Table

    • Doonan Blackwood Timber Dining Table

      Doonan Dining Table

    • Floreat Cross Jarrah Dining Table

      Floreat Cross Dining Table

    • Florence Round Marri Coffee Table

      Florence Coffee Table

    • Florence Round Extension Marri Dining Table

      Florence Extension

    • Florence Round Jarrah Dining Table

      Florence Round Dining Table

    • Fremantle Square Marri Dining Table

      Fremantle Square Dining Table

    • Highgate Tasmanian Blackwood Extension Dining Table

      Highgate Extension

    • Hovea Hall-M


    • Kalamunda Hall Table


    • Marcus Beach Coffee Table

      Marcus Beach

    • Mindarie Square Marri Dining Table

      Mindarie Square Dining Table

    • Montville


    • Mt Barker Marri Dining Table

      Mount Barker Dining Table

    • Mount Helena Marri Coffee Table

      Mount Helena

    • Mundaring Marri Coffee Table

      Mundaring Coffee Table

    • Mundaring Lamp

      Mundaring Lamp Table

    • Napier jarrah Coffee Table

      Napier Coffee Table

    • Napier Square Coffee

      Napier Coffee Table SQ

    • Nedlands Coffee Drawer

      Nedlands (with Drawer)

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