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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    A Tasmanian Blackwood Bed is the perfect addition to your bedroom. It is the centrepiece of your sanctuary and safe space. At Jarrimber we love working with Tasmanian Blackwood. It has a medium-rich brown colour with reddish hues. The Tasmanian Blackwood is a member of the wattle family. The Tasmanian Blackwood is known for its distinctive figures and veins which can range in colour and character. These veins are due to the gorgeous growth rings that grow throughout the tree as it ages. They appear as bands of colour and form intricate designs once the boards have been cut.  It is rare but every now and then the Blackwood timber can exhibit a 'quilted' pattern. This pattern is really sought after as the furniture ends up with a unique ripple effect in the final design.

    Personalised and Custom Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Bed

    Your bedroom is your private space. It should be the main reflection of you and what you need in everyday life, and we completely understand that. Due to its unique look and colour, Tasmanian Blackwood will always make a huge statement. You will have an heirloom-like piece that is durable, reliable, and straight-up stunning. Are you someone who is constantly running out of space? Chat with our friendly team about adding additional storage in the form of drawers to the bottom of the bed! It can add a great amount of space for all of the items that are otherwise laying around with no specific place to go. When customising your bed frame with us, keep in mind the bed head style and size. Do you want to make a statement? Why not take a look at our 'North Beach Bed' design for an extra little something? Prefer something a little more subtle and classic? The 'Wembley Bed' might be exactly what you need!

    Durable and Longlasting Tasmanian Blackwood Beds

    At Jarrimber we don't just value the look of your final piece, although that is super important, we also value the durability and longevity of your final design. We use solid Tasmanian Blackwood, which is a hardwood making it incredibly tough. No matter if you chose a queen size or a single bed our craftsmen will ensure that your bed can manage bed is created to last. By purchasing our bed frame you are purchasing an easy-maintenance piece of furniture. Due to it being a natural product, it requires very little upkeep. We coat our final pieces in lacquer making them easy to clean and allowing it to take a scrape or bump without too much damage.

    Tasmanian Blackwood Beds Are Practical and Easy to Assemble 

    When you order a bed online, the delivery will be careful and prompt upon completion. The bed frame arrives flat-packed making it easy to be moved around if need be. The assembly is simple and easy to follow. The same goes for packing it down in case you find yourself needing to move. Make sure you have all of the bits and pieces securely stored and pack the parts in bubble wrap to ensure limited dents and scratches. We also understand the importance of hygiene. Our slatted base is perfect for promoting airflow to your mattress making it a healthier sleep and meaning that your mattress will last longer.

    Sustainable and 100% Australian Tasmanian Blackwood Timber Beds

    With our furniture comes the peace of mind that you are choosing a company that is making a big effort to have the least environmental impact we can. All of our wood is 100% Australian-grown and sustainably logged. Your bed will be a part of making a difference.

    Still not 100% sure? Our Timber Beds come in many styles and wood types, check them out here:

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