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    Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

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    60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

    About Our Marri Furniture

    Our Marri timber furniture is hand-crafted from trees grown right here in WA’s South West in the vast Jarrah and Karri forests, extending from north of Geraldton south to Cape Riche, and east toward the Wheatbelt. Marri trees get their name from the Noongar word for blood, named so for the red gum that oozes from punctures in the tree caused by birds, insects or wind. It's this red 'blood', kino, that makes Marri timber so beautiful and incredibly popular for furniture.

    Uniquely Australian Marri Timber Furniture

    Uniquely Australian, Marri timber is our most popular timber type for furniture made for our Australian customers. The beautiful honey tones of the timber, shot through with dark kino veins make for truly gorgeous pieces, and all completely unique. The contrast is simply stunning and paired with what makes it so popular. Marri is a hardwearing durable timber, the honey-gold tones shot through with subtle greens and orange that elegantly complement the striking gum veins. It's the perfect timber of choice to make any modern home feel lighter and more open, spacious and refined.

    Custom Marri Timber Furniture

    At Jarrimber, our specialty lies in custom pieces combining raw, natural beauty with exceptional craftsmanship that doesn't overpower the timber itself. The result is a feature piece of quality furniture sure to fit into every home, and every artistic vision. Our work is recognisable by simple, clean lines and geometric shapes chosen to complement stunning natural timber. Everything we offer can be customised to exactly your tastes or hand-crafted bespoke. While Marri is the most popular choice, our skilled craftsmen can also offer you furniture made from other stunning Western Australian hardwoods; Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood. All of our materials are Australian—local and sustainably sourced. Quality timber furniture is locally made right here in Western Australia, to suit your artistic vision and complement your home. We can also craft pieces of occasional furniture, to be used for all different purposes throughout your home. From table nests to multi-use bench spaces and more, enjoy your feature pieces made from Australian Marri all through the home. If you don't quite find what you're looking for in our galleries, get in touch and let us know what you're after!

    Stylish & Functional of Marri Timber Furniture Made in Perth

    The same gum veins and voids that give the timber such a beautiful look are filled with a clear resin, to give your furniture piece an outstanding style that's still durable, hardy and resilient. This epoxy resin treatment also ensures our Marri timber furniture is not only stylish but easy to keep looking perfect. There's no need for complex oiling treatments or regular varnishing. The epoxy resin will last lifetimes. Here at Jarrimber, we offer a wide range of furniture for every room in the house. From a buffet table to the lounge room coffee table to bedsides and beds. A home bedecked entirely in Marri furniture truly is an experience, and a wonderful place to live and spend time. If your home has particularly interesting nooks, crannies or odd spaces that make shopping for furniture otherwise difficult, you can be sure that custom Marri timber furniture is exactly the answer. No matter the space you have to work with, we can craft you something that's sure to astound you.

    Our Range of Marri Furniture includes:

    Style Tips for Natural Timber Design

    Nailing your interior design vision with Australian timber isn't overly complex, but there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Natural timber is striking, and a feature all on its own. Best used in combination with a simple, minimal overall style to deliver elegance and sophistication, make your statements with subtle touches. Keep in mind your colouring, dark Jarrah pieces set against a backdrop of bright whites and pale blues can be jarring, whereas Marri's lighter honey-gold is much easier to pull off. Similarly, if your home is designed with darker colours, avoid the clash of light and dark, choose lighter colours to complement the Marri—don't drown it in the dark. Marri, being a lighter colour, is excellent both as bedroom furniture and throughout the rest of the house, particularly when paired with fine art seascapes. A beach scene painting hung above a Marri buffet table, for example, is a statement that's sure to elevate most any living room. For inspiration, come visit us in our showroom. We have a broad range of timber furnishings in all different styles and timber types—you're sure to find something to fall in love with.
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