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Visit our showroom - 60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA (View Map)

Visit our showroom
60 McDonald Street, Osborne Park WA

We understand that for many people it is difficult to leave their home currently, so if you would like to inspect some of our showroom furniture, we would be happy to provide a virtual tour and/or consultation via video link. Please contact us HERE to organise a video tour. Sincerely, Todd Smith - Owner


Learn more about Marri Timber Furniture

About Our Marri Furniture

Our Marri timber furniture is crafted from trees grown in WA’s South West in the vast Jarrah and Karri forests, extending from north of Geraldton south to Cape Riche, and east toward the Wheatbelt. Marri trees often exude the characteristic red gum which is visible on the trunk of the growing tree, Marri being the Nyoonga word for blood. Read more

Why You Should Choose Marri Timber Furniture

Marri timber is currently the most popular timber of choice amongst our clients. The popularity of Marri furniture is due its beautiful honey tones and the presence of kino or gum veins. The contrast of the dark gum lines and light timber tones provide stunning contrast and a distinctive feature to the finished furniture piece. Gum veins are skilfully filled with either dark or clear resin exhibiting a raw beauty not seen in other timbers.

Marri is a hardwearing and durable timber, which while warm in tone, exhibits varying hues of green, gold, orange and brown giving each piece a unique character and beauty. All Jarrimber furniture is available in Marri timber which can be selected from the standard items on the website, or custom made and modified to suit your requirements. From Marri buffets to store your treasures, stunning Marri Beds to sleep the night away on to Marri dining tables and chairs to gather around with family and friends. Jarrimber specialises in customising furniture. This allows us to make furniture for small or large areas, built in alcove type arrangements and everything in between that suits your specific needs and space.

Marri Furniture Types

What To Remember When Styling With Different Timbers

The most important thing to remember when combining different types of timber in your home is the timber tones you are using. Timber is a natural product and exhibits natural variation in tone and hue. Marri timber furniture for example is a warm honey toned timber which exhibits varying hues of green, gold, orange and brown. Other factors including age, finish and the cut of the timber also add to variation in the tone of the furniture. Different timbers can work well together for example warm Jarrah floors with warm Marri timber furniture provides excellent contrast and looks great. As a rule, keep your timber tones the same, this means if you are already using warm tones, stay with warm tones. If you are trying to match furniture of the same timber type, try to stay with the same shade and hue. This will ensure that your new piece of furniture will work well together with your existing pieces.

Need To Talk To Someone About Your Style Or Existing Furniture?

We are happy to give advice regarding your current styling and how to work with your existing furniture. With a few simple considerations you can get the most out of your new furniture addition. Please contact us by phone or email.