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    Jarrimber Live Edge Furniture

    Live edge timber furniture is a way of highlighting the unique and raw beauty of timber. Live edge timber furniture incorporates the exposed natural edge of the tree into the final design and structure of the piece. Live edge timber furniture also retains the rustic characteristics of the wood, so the raw beauty of the wood is maintained while providing an even surface. So, if you’re after a unique piece of furniture in your home, raw edge furniture may be just what you’ve been looking for. Jarrimber offers an increasing number of pieces in the attractive live edge timber furniture style. This style of live edge furniture is popular in interior design, adding a unique and beautiful feature to any home, creating a superb aesthetic that is sure to wow any guest.

    Live Edge Furniture Is Nature’s Design Choice

    Live edge furniture oozes an authentic charm that inspires interior designers with a world of natural textures and colours. Each piece of live edge timber furniture is different. This individuality lends itself to rustic and shabby chic design styles. With a firm, stable, and durable surface to work with, designing with live edge timber furniture is both creative and dynamic. With odd, non-linear shapes and rough textures being the hero piece of any live edge design, pairing this rusticity with modern minimalism can make for extraordinary results.

    Live Edge Furniture Design Tips

    Including live edge timber furniture in your home is bound to have an impact. Making that impact as potent as possible can take some time and planning. Here are 3 things to consider before making your purchase:
    • Lighting. If your piece is made from darker wood such as Jarrah, you may want to balance out the space by making sure enough natural lighting is entering the room. You don’t want your space to feel dark or heavy. Live edge timber furniture naturally has a grounding effect on any space - you may want to play around with different lighting scapes once your furniture is in place.
    • Placement. Make sure your space isn’t overcrowded. The beauty of live edge timber furniture is that it isn't uniform, and its natural edge allows for interesting spatial interaction between your decor and furniture. Live-edge furniture is a reason to get creative.
    • Usability. Don’t make your space difficult to use. Placing your furniture where it will be used effectively will enhance the overall design.

    Types Of Live Edge Furniture

    Jarrimber offers an exceptional range of live-edge timber furniture pieces. We offer beautiful pieces in a choice of jarrah and marri, but there are other timbers available on request, so you can ensure that your new piece complements your other furniture perfectly to enhance your decor aesthetic.
    • Live Edge Dining Tables come in a choice of marri and jarrah timber. A live edge dining table allows you to create a homely, rustic aesthetic to your room decor that works well in traditional or modern room styles. Since the edge is created according to the unique characteristics of the timber, you can be sure of a unique piece of furniture that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next family gathering or dinner party. The Jarrimber live edge dining tables are crafted to provide a smooth and seamless finish while retaining that rustic, raw look. This allows you to enjoy a superb rustic aesthetic without needing to worry about splinters or unappealing surfaces.
    • Live Edge Cabinets and TV Units are all part of Jarrimer’s signature live edge repertoire. From tasteful timber combinations and intelligent, easy to use design, you’ll find our live edge timber furniture pieces elevate interior spaces with a natural timeless quality.
    • Live Edge Coffee Tables are a classic. The natural live edge on a coffee table gives the space a unique feel and increases the feeling of spaciousness, in otherwise cramped coffee corner settings.

    Live Edge Furniture Custom Designs

    We also offer the opportunity to customise our pieces of live edge timber furniture to your liking. All of the Jarrimber designs can be created in a variety of timbers and modified, so its design and size meet your specific requirements and individual preferences. This means that you can tailor your live edge furniture to suit the dimensions of your room, including tables for smaller or larger rooms without a need to compromise on the design aesthetic. The Jarrimber team can provide you with an estimate based on your timber selection, the approximate dimensions, and style descriptions. You can even see a 3D rendering of the piece mocked up before you commit to a final design. If you are interested in live edge timber furniture, be sure to browse our complete selection of raw edge furniture, or speak to a member of the Jarrimber team to discuss your specific requirements.

    Why Jarrimber is the only choice for Live Edge Furniture

    When you're looking for a piece of live edge timber furniture, you're looking for a piece that makes a statement. There's nothing like raw-edge furniture, with its completely unique, naturally stunning aesthetic and earthy appeal, and at Jarrimber—we do it justice. Our process is carefully planned out with fine attention to detail, we consider how best to celebrate the lumber's unique elements with the right shaping and finishing. No two pieces are ever the same, and to us that's what makes the challenge so exciting. When you contact us to commission the furniture piece that will get every home-visitor talking, we take into account your vision and find the perfect natural edge slab that suits your application. Then, the tv unit or coffee table, or drawer unit or dining table is carefully extracted from that raw piece of timber, and finished with the highest quality materials. The final result is something that will look incredible for a lifetime. If you're looking to elevate your home's interior with a truly stunning piece of furniture, made right here in Australia with sustainably sourced materials, get in touch today. Our live edge timber furniture is in high demand; the sooner you reach out the sooner we can get started delivering the item you've dreamed of.
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