Jarrimber furniture manufactures and specialises in Jarrah
& Marri Dining tables

Jarrah wood is a wonderful wood that can be transformed beautifully into a dining table that will enhance any home. Its vibrant red color, and high density add to the reasons why it makes a perfect functional piece of furniture, especially a Jarrah dining table. Jarrah burl is prized among wood turners, with its tight knots, swirling grain, and rich colors giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Purchasing a Jarrah dining table for your home will make a stand out piece that you will be delighted with for its decoration and functionality. A Marri dining table is also a wonderful choice for your home. Marri is a distinctive bloodwood is a very popular choice of wood. The finished honey-coloured timber with a distinctive vein structure will look exceptionally well on your finished Marri dining table.

Jarrimber quality Jarrah Dining Tables

Jarrimber Furniture can guarantee producing you the finest quality Jarrah Dining Table or Marri Dining Table. If you are currently in the market for a dining table, you can rest assured that our manufacturing procedures and craftsmanship are second to none.

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