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    5 Advantages of Choosing Jarrah Furniture

    Jarrah Furniture

    February 19, 2019

    Every home will be complemented by the addition of Jarrah furniture. Wooden furniture can make a home feel warmer and more inviting. It will also improve the aesthetic appeal with deep rich colours and grain textures. If you’re sitting on the fence about the advantages of Jarrah timber furniture this article is for you.

    1. A Natural Look for Your Home

    Jarrah hardwood will add some charm and warmth to any room. This timber has an interesting grain pattern and a wide variety of exciting colours to enjoy. Jarrah has been used in a wide variety of exterior and interior ways for many years. It’s a material that reflects the shades found in nature here in Western Australia, and you can bring that into your home. This is a material that can be used to make a wide variety of useful and beautiful furniture.

    1. A Local and Sustainable Option

    Jarrah hardwood trees grow here in Western Australia, the wood is locally sourced and processed to produce useful timber. A Jarrah tree doesn’t grow from seed, it originates from ligna tubers that are located deep underground. This means that younger Jarrah trees can quickly regenerate after a wildfire. Because the wood is local, there are no additional environmental costs to import them from abroad. The Jarrah trees are sustainable, they grow slowly, but they are plentiful and ecologically sound.

    1. Strong and Durable

    Jarrah has been used as a construction material for marine wharves, bridge construction, and railways sleepers, so you know that it’s tough and durable. This hardwood is also extremely resistant to moisture and termites, marine borers and rot. Jarrah can be kept in pristine condition with some very occasional polishing, waxing, and oiling. This means that although Jarrah furniture may cost a little more than inferior items, it will be worth the additional premium. In short, Jarrah hardwood furniture will last a long time and still look fantastic for years to come.

    1. Jarrah Textures and Colours

    Jarrah hardwood comes in a vast range of grains, colours, and tones, so getting an interesting piece of furniture is simple. Jarrah heartwood timber can have a colour ranging from a subtle brown through to a rich red tone. Jarrah sapwood timber can range from a deep dark orange through to a pale yellow colour. A Jarrah tree can be 2 metres in diameter, and this allows the tree to develop some gorgeous interlocking grain patterns. This is known by furniture designers and architects as a “fiddle back” pattern.

    1. Jarrah Timber is Versatile

    As we mentioned earlier, historically Jarrah hardwood has been used in many interior and exterior construction projects. This extends into the home with timber flooring and furniture. A piece of furniture that could be made from regular timber can be made from Jarrah. The only real limit is your imagination and the Jarrah timber that you want to use. Because of the colour and grain variations, you can enjoy a stunning piece of custom timber furniture that is totally unique.

    If you’re interested in Jarrah furniture for your home, get in touch with Jarrimber for expert help and advice.

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