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    Home Decorating “Rules” You Should Break

    ARTICLE BY Todd Smith - Owner

    January 13, 2020

    When thinking about interior design, there are quite a number of rules that everyone goes by without question. These decorating rules have been tried and tested throughout the years to be guidelines for home decor that isn’t too outrageous, or disjointed. But on the other side of this, these rules have been in place for so long that while they are good guidelines for deciding the design of your home, sticking to them by the letter can also result in a stock standard looking home. Instead, if you are looking for a little more variety and uniqueness in your home design, it can do you well to break some of these rules – we promise, it’ll turn out beautiful, too!

    • No to faux plants

    Some interior designers only use real greenery in their designs, both for their health benefits and to bring a sense of freshness into any room. This does require a bit of effort to take care of real plants, and depending on its placement you may struggle to keep it thriving. Consider that in recent years the quality of faux plants has increased significantly, and if you’re not able to take care of the upkeep of a real plant, a faux plant will do just as well to provide that bit of fresh air and a touch of nature inside the home.

    • Mixing crazy patterns is a no-no

    This rule requires a little bit of experimenting to break, but when you do successfully mix crazy patterns such as animal prints, big geometrical prints, and the like, it can really give your space a beautiful contrast and character, while also letting you let loose and explore your creativity to its fullest.

    • Big things in small spaces don’t go together

    While it’s good to keep your proportions and scale in mind when thinking of placing furniture in your room, it’s important to note that oversized furniture, when placed well in a smaller space, can provide a striking look that you shouldn’t ignore. Just the same, oversized lighting pieces in small spaces can provide an artistic look, elevating the aesthetic of your design with a simple addition that overlooks an established design rule. 

    • Furniture has to match, whatever the material

    This is a pretty set-in-stone design rule that more and more people have been challenging in recent years. While the look of a matched set can be great and cohesive, if you’ve found a chair or a Marri dining table in a different finish or material, for example, you don’t have to feel boxed in trying to find a similar material and style to match. You can definitely mix and match wood furniture pieces, which can take the room away from looking one-dimensional and provide a welcome contrast and a layered look that provides depth in the design. Juxtaposition of differently designed pieces can not only provide variety and character, but will ensure a look that is wholly your own that you will love.

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    Todd Smith

    Todd Smith - Owner

    I've always had a passion for Australian timbers and turning it into beautiful timber furniture. Aussies have some of the most sought-after timbers in the world and being able to work with it and bring some of this beauty to our customers is a blessing.

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