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    How to Clean and Care for Your Timber Furniture the Right Way

    Cleaning a wood furniture

    January 22, 2020

    Looking into getting timber furniture for your home? If you’ve never had them, or have little experience with taking care of it, it can seem daunting and complicated. But that doesn’t have to be the case! If you’re thinking of getting beautiful marri furniture for your home design, it takes only a little bit of research to figure out how to clean and care for your furniture in order to maximise its longevity and charm for the years to come.

    How do you care for antique wood furniture?

    Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when it comes to wooden furniture is that you need to ensure that contact with moisture is minimised. This is because, as a natural material, wood is susceptible to warping and damage if it has prolonged contact with moisture. Not only will this affect the look and longevity of your furniture, it will also be difficult to repair. 

    Aside from this, you must avoid using cleaning solutions that have harsh chemicals. Avoid using bleach, harsh soaps, and even natural disinfectants like vinegar, as this can not only damage the finish of your furniture, but also compromise the protective barrier that helps keep your timber furniture looking great and shiny. 

    As such, when caring for wooden marri furniture, any cleaning methods that you are thinking of using should not only require the least amount of moisture contact, but should also be gentle on your wooden surfaces without compromising its cleaning effectivity.

    What is the best thing to clean wood furniture with?

    When you first buy your timber furniture, your best bet to care for it properly from the very beginning is to inquire with the manufacturer and supplier what cleaning method and solution they recommend for use. This ranges from dusting to remove build up of airborne debris, to cleaning off stains – while these may require the introduction of water to remove build up, it is always recommended to immediately wipe affected surfaces to wick away the moisture afterward. 

    In general, when it comes to cleaning wooden furniture, a damp cloth, a gentle soap cleaner, and a dry cloth are all you’ll need. A damp cloth will work wonders to wipe away surface stains, and for stubborn ones you can use a gentle soap, and this will be highly effective in keeping your wooden furniture clean and cared for. Just don’t forget to dry off all surfaces as soon as you can.

    And when it comes to keeping the finish glossy and fresh, ask your manufacturer if they recommend oil polishes and sprays, and perhaps waxes, to keep your marri furniture looking shiny and new. Certain brands on the market may not be suitable for the finish used on your furniture, and as such, you need to know what ingredients to look out for in order to ensure that you are helping to care for your furniture, and not further damaging it.

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