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    The Ultimate Dining Table Size Guide

    Extension dining table

    May 26, 2021

    Dining tables are an important piece of furniture in any home. They are a place the family will come together each day and share meals cooked with love, or where guests can gather and create memories that will last a lifetime. With a stunning array of choices available when it comes to make, shape and style, why shouldn’t you place just as much importance in the size of the table? Before you commence your search for the perfect piece, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best dining table size to suit your space.

    Amount of Space

    A dining table that’s intended to make a statement can go unnoticed if the available space is not suitable for its size. If the space is too large your table can become lost, and it will fail to create the desired impact. Similarly, if the table is too big for your space, you risk creating a sense of clutter and not giving it the attention it deserves. When deciding what dining table size is suitable for your space, make sure you also consider how much space is required for your dining chairs and the individuals who will sit in them – there needs to be plenty of room for your guests to move around easily.

    Number of Guests

    Your table should always accommodate the number of guests that will most frequently be seated there. So if your dining setting only needs to fit the members of your immediate family, you can choose a smaller sized table that allows your family to share intimate experiences. If you frequently invite guests over for meals, or have a big family, then a larger sized table might be the best choice. Keep in mind that there should be about 70cm of space for each person, so that they have plenty of elbow room and are able to eat comfortably. Extendable dining tables are another option, they are suitable if you only entertain guests a couple of times a year, or simply lack the space to keep a large dining table in your home all the time.

    Dining Chairs

    It’s important to plan ahead and decide what type of dining chairs you want before you go out and buy a dining room table. You will also need to consider whether both the chairs and the table you are getting will be compatible with the size of the room. If, for instance, you would like luxurious chairs with armrests and wide backs, then they will occupy a significant amount of your total dining space. Therefore, you might need to get a smaller table, or consider getting more compact chairs to make a decent sized table a possibility.

    Dining Table Shape

    The shape of your dining table can influence what size you are able to get, and unfortunately if you have a small home and a large family, you might have to choose the shape that suits your requirements. Most dining rooms are rectangular, so this is perfect for a rectangular or oval shaped table. However, with a rectangular table you have to calculate for an extra 30cm of space on each end if you want people to sit at the head or foot of the table. 

    Square tables are ideal for smaller, or strangely shaped dining rooms, as they can fit into a compact space. Round tables are also suitable for smaller spaces, but if you choose a large round table for a bigger room it can be difficult to reach food in the centre of the table.

    Specific Requirements

    Don’t forget to factor in your specific requirements for your dining table. For example, people that enjoy decorating their dining table with candles, centrepieces, and flowers, must choose a larger dining table size than those who prefer a simple table setting. If you put on lavish dinner parties where you have a wide selection of dishes spread across the table, then ensure you get a table that is wide enough to accomodate this as well. 

    Consider the style of your home as well, and whether you will be getting a unique type of table – such as a raw edge dining table – to fit the design. Raw edge tables are beautiful statement pieces, but come in strange shapes which you have to make sure will fit into the room.

    What Size Dining Table Should I Choose?

    In order to choose the perfect size table for your dining space, make sure you follow our tips and consider the available space in your home, the amount of guests, size of the chairs, and the shape of the table. This ensures your dining table will receive the attention it deserves and provide functionality for the entire family. 

    If you would like some expert advice on what dining table size is right for your home, then the qualified timber furniture manufacturers at Jarrimber are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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