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    What is Live Edge Furniture Design?

    May 3, 2019

    Live edge furniture is easy to recognise; once you have seen it for yourself. However, understanding what live edge means is a little trickier to explain. If you were to examine the outer edge of a piece of living edge furniture you could easily imagine the profile of the tree that produced the timber. The wooden pieces still retain the rich textures even though the rougher surfaces have been removed. Many people choose live edge furniture because the natural origins are readily apparent even though they have been transformed into furniture.

    What Does Live Edge Mean?

    The term live edge refers to the outer rings of the tree or the living part. When the tree is felled, and the log is processed it’s cut into manageable slabs. The log can be cut into slabs; where the entire slab can be used, and the living edge is retained. The log has the bark removed, and the craftsman works with the wood to make the best use of the edge. As it’s a natural product, the wood will grow and twist in a number of ways before the tree is felled and this is reflected in the grain of the wood. Unlike processed composite materials, natural timber will have an inconsistent grain; it takes a great deal of skill and experience to use this and stay true to the wood. This is why live edge furniture cannot be mass produced, every piece of timber and the live edge is different.

    Only a Rustic Design?

    It is true that live edge furniture has been primarily associated with a rustic decor style, but it can fit in with many other styles. As an example: the natural beauty of a live edge dining table could provide a wonderful focal point in a modern dining area. Quality is always appreciated, and the craftsmanship of a piece of Jarrimber live edge furniture will certainly make a lasting impression.

    Why Choose Live Edge Furniture?

    Nature cannot follow a set form; each piece of timber is very different in the grain and colour. A skilled artisan can create furniture that’s practical to use and that incorporates these natural features. Of course, this comes at a premium, live edge furniture requires more skilled man hours to create, and the price reflects this reality.

    However, if you really think about it, how long does cheaper mass produced furniture last in comparison? Not very long in many cases, when you factor this into your thinking a piece of natural timber furniture starts to look like a reasonable alternative.

    Buying high quality custom furniture that will last for years to come is a sound investment, and these pieces can even be passed down onto your loved ones in the future. For those that want custom built unique furniture for their homes, live edge furniture may be the solution that they can enjoy for generations to come.

    If you’re looking for custom made live edge furniture, visit us at Jarrimber today.

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