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    What is the Difference Between Jarrah and Marri Furniture?

    Marri Vs Jarrah Timber Furniture

    October 4, 2019

    Here in Australia, we’re lucky to have access to a pair of remarkable hardwoods that are sustainable, durable, and beautiful. We’re talking about Jarrah and Marri, which have been traditionally used for a wide variety of applications, including the making of high-quality furniture. When you come to choose new Marri or Jarrah furniture it can be hard to make a decision unless you have an immediate connection to the piece for aesthetic reasons. When it comes down to more practical considerations, many people are left with a stark choice, which is best Jarrah or Marri Furniture?

    A Brief Primer

    Jarrah is also known a Eucalyptus Marginata and Marri is known as Corymbia Calophylla. They both primarily originate from Western Australia in the far southwestern regions. Despite their similar origins, Jarrah and Marri are quite different woods with properties that are suited to a variety of needs and tastes. Neither is really “better” than the other; it’s more accurate and pertinent to say that they have differing properties.

    Marri Timber

    Marri is a highly distinctive bloodwood; it’s an adaptable tree that’s also known as “Red Gum” due to the protrusions on its trunk. The presence of high levels of gum leads to a low recovery rate for first-grade timber, and this made it an unpopular choice for furniture in the past. However, the presence of the gum leads to an extremely interesting pattern and texture that has made it a popular choice in recent years. Many homes now have a marri dining table in their homes and furniture made with marri is a wonderful conversation piece. The colours range from pale yellow to a darker brown heartwood, and some varieties can even be white, The interlocking grain has a coarser texture, but it finishes well, and the vein structure creates gorgeous planks for furniture and floorboard construction.

    Jarrah Timber

    Jarrah has a medium-coarse grain that is often straight, but it can be straighter from certain trees. The colours are rich, and they accurately reflect the Western Australian landscape where the jarrah tree is grown. The hues can range from a pink or orange colour on younger timber through to light red to a deeper burgundy on older examples. The grain can be quite spectacular with curly blanks almond shaped birdseye that almost shimmer when the surface is finished. For this reason, many people opt for a jarrah dining table to demonstrate the considerable aesthetic appeal in a practical setting. The qualities of jarrah have made it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor furniture applications. The burls and blanks make it ideal for living edge furniture, inlays, and table or benchtops.

    In Summary

    Both marri and jarrah make excellent furniture choices for your home. They are easy to work, and they take a wide variety of finishes well. The exact choice may simply come down to your available budget and the style or colours that you want in your home.

    If you would like to learn more about jarrah and marri furniture, be sure to speak to the Jarrimber team.

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