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    What Size Dining Table Should You Choose?

    Extension dining table

    March 6, 2019

    Dining tables are an important piece of furniture in any home. A place the family will come together each day and share meals cooked with love, or a place where guests can gather and create memories that will last a lifetime. With a stunning array of choices available when it comes to make, shape and style, just as much importance should be placed on the size of the table of your choosing. Before you buy dining tables and commence your search for the perfect piece, considering the following factors to ensure you choose the best size to suit your available space.

    Availability of Space

    A stunning dining table intended to make a statement can be lost if the available space is not proportionate to the size of the table. Spaces too large can cause your table to become lost, failing to create the desired impact originally intended. Similarly, if your table is too big for your space, you risk creating a sense of clutter and not giving it the attention it deserves. When considering the space you have available for your dining setting, make sure to also be aware of the space required for both your dining chairs and how much room individuals need to move around.

    Number of Guests

    Your table should always accommodate the number that will most frequently be seated at a single time. If your dining setting need only accommodate the members of your family, you can choose a table of a square or round shape that allows your family to share intimate experiences. For families of larger numbers or if you frequently entertain and invite guests over for meals, tables of a rectangular shape are an efficient way to seat a greater number of individuals. If you still want the ability to entertain but it is something you will only perform a handful of times each year, you can buy dining tables that can extend. This is a great solution for homes that lack the space for larger dining tables year round.

    Dining Chairs

    It is always good to have somewhat of an idea of the type of dining chairs you wish to pair with your table of choice. If you’re looking to include luxurious chairs with characteristics such as armrests or backwidth, your chairs will occupy a significant proportion of your total dining space. Only after you have determined the available space in your home and the number of guests who will most frequently use your dining setting should you choose your chairs, to ensure your dining table receives the attention it deserves and provides functionality for the entire family.

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