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    What Wood Should You Use For Bedroom Furniture

    June 2, 2020

    We spend quite a lot of time in the bedroom. A safe sanctuary for rest and relaxation, it’s no wonder people like to design their bedrooms in a way that best suits their personal style and comfort levels. Some people like a minimalistic look, with sharp lines and a cool colour palette, and some people like a more rustic look, which emphasises a homey, comforting feel that works best with places of rest like the bedroom.

    If you’re after a bedroom that exudes peaceful vibes, amplifies that relaxing atmosphere, and will stand the test of time year in and year out, it’s a good idea to consider using wood for your bedroom furniture.

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    What is the best wood for bedroom furniture?

    The top solid woods used in the making of timber furniture are usually from a range of hardwoods. This is because hardwood is tried and tested to be durable for all types of indoor furniture, which is important especially with pieces that see a fair bit of use, such as timber beds, dressers, drawers, and even side tables. Not only do you want a striking piece of furniture that goes with the overall design of the room, but you also want one that will be worth your hard-earned money and last you for the years to come.

    Some woods that go particularly well for bedroom furniture include, but are not limited to, marri, jarrah, tasmanian blackwood, and tasmanian oak.


    Honey toned, with dark, striking gum veins that exude a raw sophistication hard to replicate, Marri wood grows in the south west parts of Western Australia.


    Richly red to brown in colour, it is distinctively hardwearing and durable, which makes for amazingly longwearing furniture pieces no matter the purpose.

    Tasmanian Blackwood

    Usually seen with a straight grain, this light to medium wood can range to reddish brown shades that exude a beautiful warmth and character for any furniture piece, like timber beds, for example.

    Tasmanian Oak

    Using three different species of eucalypt timber to source Tasmanian Oak means that you get a gorgeously unique hardwood that ranges from straw to light reddish brown tones. Subtle yet still adding to the charm of any room, having this wood for your bedroom furniture is a wise choice for your design purposes.

    These hardwoods are well-known not only for their durability, but also for their distinct charm and unique looks, which lend a laid back vibe to any place. With an assorted array of wood tones, grain, and knot designs, each piece made from these hardwoods exudes a unique sophistication that is unparalleled and ensures a stylish and practical addition to any room. Ethically sourced in Australia, your local expert furniture maker will know the ins and outs of working with these beautiful pieces of wood, so whether you’re looking for a standard piece, or something a little more custom-made for you and your needs, you’ll be sure to have a gorgeous piece of furniture that will match your requirements.

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