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    Why Choose Marri Furniture for Perth Homes?

    Marri Dining

    October 18, 2019

    Many homeowners are unaware that beautiful Marri wood is actually native to Western Australia. Marri is found in the southwest of WA, in the cooler areas south of Perth. This wood is easy to work into beautiful furniture, it has a distinctive grain, and it will take a finish well. For these reasons, more people are now choosing Marri furniture for their homes, and in this article, we explain why in more detail.

    What is Marri?

    Marri is a locally sourced hardwood that can be easily recognised by the red gummy protrusions that are found on the trunk. In fact, these protrusions are the reason for the alternate Marri name of “red gum wood.” The timber is particularly high in gum content, and this does mean that the recovery rates are quite low. Getting sufficient workable first grade timber for furniture making and other fine wood uses can be a challenge. However, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Marri is a local, sustainable source of hardwood, and it grows quickly. This makes it an ideal hardwood for environmentally minded homeowners that have a real eye for high quality natural timber products for their homes.

    Why Choose Marri?

    Let’s face it, here in Western Australia, we have plenty of natural timber products to choose from, and why would we choose Marri in particular? Many custom and mass produced pieces of furniture are made from low grade timber materials, and they offer no challenge to Marri timber if quality is a desired trait. A piece of hardwood furniture will last a lifetime and beyond if it’s well looked after, and many people pass these pieces on as heirlooms to their children. So, the only key consideration is why a discerning furniture buyer would choose Marri over another hardwood product?

    Of course, quality, durability, and affordability are all important factors to consider when choosing any type of furniture. So, all things being equal, it often comes down to a personal preference, and Marri timber can certainly create a favourable impression on many furniture buyers. The colours can range from a light honey hue through to warmer pale brown and deeper darker red tones at the extreme end of the spectrum. If the 40mm sapwood is used, the colour is very pale, and it can even look white. These colours are wonderful, but when a sympathetic finish is applied they are truly spectacular.

    The grain on Marri furniture is tight and interlocked to create extremely intricate patterns that have to be seen to be believed. This is because of the aforementioned deep gum lines that impart a truly unique signature to the exposed timber surfaces. The texture of the timber is coarse and rough, but it’s an easy timber to work, and the surfaces can be sanded to an extremely smooth finish. Marri furniture is extremely affordable, and it has a very different feel to many other modern furniture products. So, if you want a unique piece of furniture for your home, take a look at Marri first, and you won’t be disappointed.

    If you’re looking for custom Marri furniture in Perth, contact Jarrimber today.

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