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    Create A Breathtaking Interior Style With Designer Timber Furniture

    ARTICLE BY Todd Smith - Owner

    May 13, 2021

    If you’re looking to spruce up your home in time for summer there’s never been a better time to choose locally sourced, handcrafted designer timber furniture. Choosing a bespoke piece to complement your space with a natural, rustic feel is bound to impress. Matching up your design wishes to your space and carefully picking out the perfect piece can take time, but is always worth it. The more intentional your space, the better it will feel standing in it. Designer timber furniture is always more stylish than regular, mass produced items that can be found anywhere. Creating your own designer space is both exciting and simple. Follow these handy tips to get started.

    Plan Your Space

    Design is all in the planning. Any top interior designer will attest that the planning is as important as the craftsmanship, curation, and the final setup. Creating your very own timber furniture interior design guide will help you move forward with your plans to curate and take ownership of your ideal home. Having a mood board with your carefully chosen colours and textures makes your job easier. Making confident and stylistic choices is easier when you have a clear idea about the layout of your home. Interior spaces are always most inviting when they are balanced. Overcrowding your living area, for example, may make it hard to, well, live. 

    Think About Lighting

    Natural light is one of the most important things to consider as you develop and plan your new interior. By locating the strongest source of natural light through doors or windows, making sure this isn’t blocked and maximising its pathway through your space can work wonders. Light defines the space in the same way that 3D objects create positive and negative space, so think creatively about how you can get more of it. Bear in mind that if your furniture is in direct sunlight it may fade and break down over time, so making sure your wooden surfaces are protected from the sun is a good idea if you want them to last. 

    Designer Furniture To Suit Your Lifestyle

    Bespoke Designer furniture adds aesthetic value in truckloads. But good-looks are only part of the story here. When you choose the perfect piece, be sure to think about its practicality and usability. Having a coffee table that sits too low for your chairs will make reaching for your morning paper a real pain. You’ll find yourself using that space less often. Striving to make every space as usable as possible is critical to your interior design. 

    If you’re expecting to host gatherings and dinner parties, you may want to consider how people will interact in the space. Choose a focus point, and don’t let the space become competitive with multiple points of attraction. Designer timber furniture naturally pulls focus and delivers an air of style and prestige with minimal effort, so let it do the work for you. Simple, clean, hardwood timber pieces speak volumes on their own.

    Bespoke Timber Furniture: Artisanal And Local

    Top designs are often misinterpreted as being exclusively an international affair. Putting this idea to rest is handcrafted Australian timber furniture. Local is best, from a sustainability perspective and from a design standpoint too. With some of the world’s most unique and sought after timber such as Jarrah and Marri sprouting in our own backyard, these illustrious trees produce a premium product that injects true character into any interior design. Sometimes communicating your vision with your craftsperson helps in making your furniture piece truly ‘on brand’. The more they know about your idea the easier it is for them to create, so keep up the dialogue.  

    Handcrafted by local artisans, designer timber furniture tells a story that is relevant to your home. It makes it easier to brag about too. Telling someone your furniture was shipped here doesn’t have the same ring these days as them finding out it’s someone you know who has intentionally created the piece to fit your home.

    Create A space You Can Admire

    Taking pride in your interior goes a long way in improving your quality of living. While guests will be stunned at the finishes and aesthetics, it’s you who will be living in the space day in and out. Making your interior flawless with designer furniture depends on your taste and priorities. While looking up the latest trends on Pinterest is fun, make sure you personalise your space from the get-go. You’ll appreciate it more in the long term. Owning your home in this way makes it more liveable and you’ll want to spend more time there. Keep your space real and honest, refer to your design guide, and have fun.

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    Todd Smith

    Todd Smith - Owner

    I've always had a passion for Australian timbers and turning it into beautiful timber furniture. Aussies have some of the most sought-after timbers in the world and being able to work with it and bring some of this beauty to our customers is a blessing.

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