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    Take Your Interior Design To The Next Level With Custom, Hardwood Timber Furniture

    September 14, 2020

    Whether you’ve moved house, renovating, or Spring cleaning, changing up your interior living space is always exciting. Re-furnishing your dining room or bedroom can revitalise your home making it more liveable and stylish. Design influences how we live, from the way we interact with the space around us, to how we feel when we spend time in it. Getting it right can vastly increase the quality of living for yourself and anyone who is lucky enough to be invited inside. Hardwood timber furniture is ideal for such an upgrade. Both local and sustainable, it transcends other materials in it’s natural, timeless appeal.


    Where To Find High Quality Australian Hardwood Timber

    When sourcing quality timber there are a few basics that need to be ticked off before you start thinking about the design. Ensuring the timber is both sustainable and local is key in making sure you get the highest quality furniture piece. When you buy Australian Timber furniture you’re supporting a local industry that values sustainability. Many local suppliers will be quick to tell you about the quality of their product, be sure to quiz them on where their wood comes from and how it’s made.

    Your Space – Your Design

    Taking ownership of your space and interior design can be daunting. Take comfort in the fact that no one knows your home as well as you do. Even if someone has an identical home, different people move around spaces differently and will require different furniture too.

    Custom hardwood timber furniture is ideal for a home makeover because of its timeless, natural appeal. Using locally sourced Australian timber adds personality and class. Think carefully about the shape of your room, what piece you want and how it will impact on the space. When choosing timber make sure you’re picking a hue that will complement the colour scheme of your entire house – not just that corner of the house. Contrasting a dark jarrah coffee table with white window frames may or may not sing with the surroundings. Remember to be intentional and able all – consistent.

    Knowing Who Makes Your Furniture Is A Good Design Choice

    Knowing your craftsperson is an asset for when you need an extra coffee table down the track. Building trust with the people who make your furniture also ensures consistency in the style, wood choice, and design. Being open about what works and what doesn’t is what any experienced designer would do, and having this conversation with new companies every time you need something new can be bothersome. Not only will you value your furniture more, but there will also be a story behind it that connects you and the maker. After all, good design is the result of collaboration, and knowing who you’re working with is a great start.

    Hardwood Timber: The Ultimate Design Material

    Using wood in your interior design isn’t just a classy personal touch, it celebrates your space with a material that is as relevant as ever. Customising your timber furniture makes a statement and sets itself apart from mainstream and mass produced materials such as plastic or glass. It adds a unique edge that can elevate your home and insert a refined, yet grounded personality in your design. With excellent durability, hardwood timber furniture will stand the test of time, it’s proven itself as a timeless design choice. You may have a particular colour scheme to stick to, or a pattern that you want to highlight – choose your timber with this in mind

    Practicality = Design

    A well designed room isn’t completed overnight. Your planning should cover all the different possibilities, often something will look wrong on paper but could be surprisingly beautiful in real life. With that in mind, getting your measurements and dimensions right from the start will save time and money down the road. This planning stage is just as important as the making of the furniture. Knowing that your furniture piece will work with your space and lifestyle is key. Practicality is never separate from design, it’s actually strongly related. Something that looks beautiful but completely unusable is simply not good design. Think long term about your space: how it will be used and who is using it.

    Making choices about your interior space will affect the way you live, so don’t rush this: try to slow down and enjoy the process.

    Less Is More

    This famous saying is especially true when it comes to your custom furniture designs. This is not to say minimalistic furniture pieces are better, but consider your space and how crowded it is, the colours and patterns, ask yourself whether a complex and intricate cupboard would benefit the space. Will your design add or take away from what is already there?

    If it does, then it’s back to the drawing board or time to re-think the space. Custom hardwood timber furniture speaks for itself as a design piece – it will automatically become a centrepiece. Knowing this is key to not going overboard by clogging up your space with other ‘busy’ or competing furnishings. Choosing a simple and effective piece will be more impactful than an extravagant piece that feels out of place. Let the timber do the work for you.

    Never Compromise

    It’s your home – and yours to make beautiful. So don’t compromise anywhere. If you have an idea that you think will really work, customising your furniture to fulfil this dream is always best. There’s nothing worse than thinking: if only I would’ve done that. So go for gold, you may be surprised at how easy it is to get the results you want. Speaking directly with your furniture designer and finding the perfect solution will make your space the best it can be. 

    Choosing a company that specialises in custom timber furniture and values this approach is key in setting your plan in motion. Jarrimber’s capable and trusted craftspersons are experts in their field and are willing to speak about your dream design. It all starts with a conversation.

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