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What is Live Edge Furniture- and why is it so popular?

July 30, 2020

If you’re looking for a truly bespoke piece of furniture, you need to know about live edge furniture. The unique style has burst onto the scene of interior design with its enormous visual and natural appeal. Think boho bungalow tucked away in the forests – a fiddle leaf brushing your arm as you sit back and survey the scene.

But what is it exactly? Live edge furniture is when the natural edge of the tree is both visible and incorporated into the design of the piece. This may be a rough, rounded edge on a coffee table from the girth of the tree, or a chest of draws with an uneven edge or textured surface where the natural edge of the wood or tree lies. Typical features include raw, gnarly knots and stunning blemishes within the wood, adding to its appeal. But don’t stop at a chest of draws. There are endless possibilities when it comes to living edge furniture. There are creative alternatives to almost all household essentials: live edge bar stools, bench tops, wine racks, and picture frames. You name it.


It’s all about the story

Live edge design pulls focus and is full of character. A simple coffee table becomes more than a mere household object. A slab of wood with a natural, live edge uncovers the tree’s history: its growth lines, seasonal patterns, and stress points. The wood tells a story that is often much older than any person alive today. Everything about the tree is celebrated; its knots, twists, and imperfections.

Every piece of live edge furniture has its own story. From the tree, where it grew, who felled it, cut it into slabs, designed it, handcrafted and produced it. Each step is as important as the last. At Jarrimber, anyone can get involved in custom designing furniture pieces that are  specially created with your needs and vision in mind. Custom, bespoke pieces of live edge furniture for almost every room in the house can be delivered with a personal touch that makes the story meaningful to you.

Where to begin

When it comes to live edge furniture, local is always best. Striking up a relationship with a craftsperson who is willing to source locally grown, sustainable timber will always pay off. Often designers or small businesses will gravitate toward a particular style and when it comes to purchasing a second or third piece – having some continuity is never a bad thing.

Getting a quote is easy, and don’t hold back on your imagination when discussing your ideas with the experts.

It also helps to know your space, how big it is, what’s already there, are you replacing something or adding to your decor? Having understood your space, the colour and texture of the wood should always be at the forefront of your decision making. Is it darker, illustrious jarrah you’re chasing, or a lighter marri that will compliment your home? If it’s a dining table, you may want to consider how the colour and texture of the wood resonates with your chairs for example. Australian live edge furniture is highly regarded, boasting some of the most exquisite pieces in the world. With many local timber varieties to choose from, finding the right slab to get started is easy. Check out Jarrimber’s website to get an idea of what’s possible.

Make a statement

Live edge furniture is sure to impress. Even a modest bedside table with a raw edge will catch the eye. It fundamentally changes the way you interact in the space you call home. With natural, irregular shapes, live edge furniture instantly makes a room more dynamic. It creates opportunities a straight edge simply cannot achieve, and with a custom design, there is even more scope for creativity. Carefully selected timber furniture speaks for itself when admired by guests. A live edge dining table is more than a conversation starter, it can become one of the defining features of a house.

Make it yours

Traditional homewares stores will always supply a good range of products, but taking some elements of design into your own hands and personalising its shape, colour and size can work wonders no matter the square meterage. Compared with mass-produced items that line the shelves of department stores, live edge furniture is often made with a specific room or space mind. Good designers will match the wood’s structure, contours, and overall shape with its destination in mind. Every piece of timber is different, and so is the space where it ends up. With so many different factors at play, from texture to cut and varnish, it’s something that can take anywhere from a few days to a month or two to finish. Is it all worth it? Absolutely.

Play the long game

Handcrafted timber furniture will always stand the test of time. From design to delivery, and daily use, wood as a material has proven its resistance to seasonal changes and general wear and tear. It’s highly versatile and easily cared for. Any expert will be able to give you an idea of which products to use and when. Wood’s practicality also makes it a timeless design choice. Exposed, natural timber ignites a rustic elegance. It conjures a sense of traditionalism, yet remains on the cutting edge of leading furniture design.

Live edge furniture is not always the cheapest option upfront, however, handcrafted timber pieces are far more durable in the long run. Enormous attention to detail is a major factor influencing the product’s longevity. Regular dialogue with your craftsperson also ensures there’s nothing you’re unsure about. When you have helped design a piece yourself, you may also be more inclined to keep it, even if you are relocating. It’s more than just a piece of furniture, it’s got your mark on it.

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