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    Why Choose Solid Timber Furniture? Discover the Benefits

    ARTICLE BY Todd Smith - Owner

    July 10, 2024

    When you’re furnishing your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with how many choices you have to make. One of those choices, and possibly one of the most important ones, is what materials you want for your furniture.

    Solid timber is a classic choice when it comes to furniture. Many shoppers flock toward timber furniture due to its excellent durability and longevity, low maintenance, great versatility and aesthetics, and high sustainability profile.

    It’s not just furniture; it’s an investment piece that will last you a lifetime. Here’s why solid timber furniture should be your first choice.

    Durability and Longevity

    Solid Timber Durability and Longevity

    One of timber’s biggest selling points is its incredible durability as it’s known to last for decades. Unlike their veneer or particleboard counterparts, solid timber furniture doesn’t easily dent, scratch, or chip. 

    While timber furniture may cost more upfront, quality timber serves as an incredible investment. It provides you with buckets of value where you might otherwise have to buy a replacement every few years. With proper care, solid timber furniture will last a lifetime, proving to be an excellent choice for shoppers.

    Easy Maintenance

    solid timber furniture maintenance

    Contrary to popular belief, solid timber furniture is not very high-maintenance – you only need to oil your furniture every six to 12 months to keep it looking its best. 

    In addition to this, as long as you maintain simple practices such as regular dusting and immediate spill cleanup, you can rest easy knowing your timber is looking great. This ease adds to the appeal of solid timber, ensuring that your furniture remains a treasured part of your home with minimal effort.

    Versatility and Customisation

    wooden furniture versatality

    Wooden furniture is extremely versatile, making it a perfect choice for any interior design scheme. Whether your home is modern, minimalist, or more traditional and cosy, timber furniture does a fantastic job of fitting in and enhancing any space. 

    On top of this, if you do want to alter the appearance to fit the colourway of the surrounding room better, timber furniture can be customised in a variety of ways. Stain it, paint it, or add a clear varnish, it’s easy to alter the appearance of your furniture for a fraction of the price of a replacement! 

    Aesthetics and Uniqueness

    Solid timber

    There’s something about solid timber furniture that adds an incomparable warmth and natural beauty to a space that you simply cannot achieve with cheaper alternatives. When you bring home a piece of solid wood furniture, you’re bringing a piece of earth’s history into your home. The natural textures and tones of wood illustrate a timeless beauty, ensuring that solid timber furniture never goes out of style. 

    No two pieces of timber furniture are the same. With each piece, you’ll find variations in grain patterns and colour, making each piece unique. This uniqueness adds a certain charm to your furniture, enhancing your space and adding to the timber’s value and character.


    timber trees sustainability

    In today’s eco-friendly world, many shoppers take their environmental impact much more seriously than in the past. When sourced from sustainable forests, timber is a great renewable resource that creates a decreased environmental footprint when managed responsibly.

    Timber is a much friendlier option for our planet compared to alternative materials due to its biodegradable nature. Here at Jarrimber, we pride ourselves on using sustainable natural materials. By choosing Jarrimber, you’re choosing sustainability. 

    Choose Jarrimber for your Timber Furniture Needs


    Timber is an excellent choice for home and office furniture, proving to have great durability, style, and versatility. If you’ve decided that timber is the material for you, then look no further than Jarrimber

    Here at Jarrimber, we specialise in hand-crafted, sustainably sourced, 100% Australian timber furniture. We have a range of furniture available to purchase or can create a custom-made piece of furniture for your space. Based on your preference, you can choose from the following timber options:

    If you’d like to start your timber journey with Jarrimber, get in touch with our friendly team or, if you’re in Western Australia, feel free to visit our showroom in Osborne Park!

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    Todd Smith

    Todd Smith - Owner

    I've always had a passion for Australian timbers and turning it into beautiful timber furniture. Aussies have some of the most sought-after timbers in the world and being able to work with it and bring some of this beauty to our customers is a blessing.

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