Marri Timber Buffet

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Every room in your home is defined largely by the furniture it uses, a dining room is most commonly defined by a dining table, chairs and a buffet as essential furniture. A marri buffet is the obvious choice to match with marri dining table and chairs. If you are trying to match a new marri buffet with existing furniture, try and stay with the same shade and hue. This will ensure that your new marri buffet will fit in well with your existing pieces.

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Choosing Correct Size of Buffets

Buffets are commonly slightly higher than dining tables to provide an area to place items when serving. The depths and width of the buffet may vary but should be in balance with the size of the room and the other furniture – i.e. a very large dining table should be matched with a sizable buffet to achieve a unified and balanced space.

Points to Consider

The most important thing to consider when choosing a buffet is to make sure it is not only beautiful but that it is also functional for your requirements. Jarrimber buffets and hutches are fully customisable. Need to adjust the dimensions or placement of draws and doors? we can easily make changes to make it work for you. The style of door and draw panels, glass or wood shelving, lighting and your choice of hardware are all customisable to meet your needs.

A Jarrimber marri buffet or marri buffet and hutch will enhance both the beauty and functionality of your dining room.

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